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Hand-carved by Chris Han in Brooklyn, NY. These spoons vary in length and are approximately 8-10". 

No really this guy is in Brooklyn right now widdling down some wood just for you. Better make sure the rookies in the kitchen keep their paws off this one.

Frequent Questions about the Hand-Carved Chef's Tasting Spoon:


Do I have to use it as a tasting spoon? You can use it for whatever you like. As a chef myself, I wish I always had a tasting spoon this interesting and unique. 

Would this make a good gift for a Chef friend of mine? This would make a great gift for anyone that eats. So...yes!

Will this stain like my regular wooden spoons? Over time it will gain a natural patina. Be sure to rinse it after each taste.  

Can I get a specific type of spoon that I don't see on your site? Absolutely. Give us a call or an email. We will take your requests and consult Chris right away.


This a handmade item, very limited quantities available!



Item Specifications:

Content: 100% Cherry wood

Fit: Standard

Sizing: Approx 8" Length

Care: Wash in warm antibacterial soap.

Origin: Handmade in the USA

Eat Local. Wear Local.

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